Torres del Paine, pretty epic – Day 369 (28,014 miles)

Although there are many other great things about Chile the views of Torres del Paine NP are perhaps some of the most well known images.  We’d had  crappy weather at Fitz Roy but it was pretty good at Los Glaciares, we tried not to get our hopes up, perhaps more blue skies and sunshine were too much to hope for at this time of year.  The weather forecast suggested we could have snow, sleet, cloud, frost and/or sun!

We set off from Puerto Natales a nice little town around 100 miles from the park.  We had treated ourselves to 2 nights in a lovely little B&B, oh the joy of central heating, dry towels and eating in an environment where food stays hot for more than 1 minute!  We now felt ready for the -10c night time temperatures forecast for the next couple of nights.

Beautiful skies, 9 30am and the sun is just rising!

View from the waterfront at Puerto Natales.

The park was named Torres (Towers) after the pointy grey rocks above John’s head in the pic above.  After the half an hour or so we spent looking at this view we wouldn’t have felt completely cheated if the weather had changed.

The reality was we had 2 full days of pretty exceptional winter weather.  So, this blog is definitely more photos, less words, no need for me to go on about how beautiful it is, you can see for yourselves.

Lago Amarga

Rio and Cascada Paine and John.

Why does he always have to stand right on the edge?

Salto Grande Cascada

This condor just wouldn’t give us a good profile shot!

The views we woke up to at Lago Gray.

Who will blink first.

A juvenile Buzzard Eagle.

Get the kettle on, the clouds move so quickly here half an hour watching the sky is time well spent.

Lago Nordernskjold

Heavy traffic.

A ginger skunk!  We’ve only seen black and white ones before.

Morning 2’s view of the Torres from our camping spot.

We loved it here.

We reluctantly headed back to Puerto Natales on day 3 as the weather deteriorated a bit, we were fine with 4×4 but the roads were getting really icey and they don’t grit or salt in Patagonia.

Adios for nowxx


12 thoughts on “Torres del Paine, pretty epic – Day 369 (28,014 miles)”

  1. Lovely shots, mountains looking good as well. As Samuel Jackson says in Pulp Fiction ” that’s it man , I’m fuckin going “. Great to be able to stay in touch. With love. Karl

  2. I’ve heard of being on Ilklia Moor baht’at but never (Mr McComb are you mental?) the Torres de Paine NP without sporting so much as a pair of ear warmers!

  3. Lovely photo’s. Good to know you are safe and well and having such a fantastic time xx

    1. Hi Sue , Paul. Good to hear from you. Thanks for the comment, the scenery is beautiful If not a little cold!
      Not like Blighty at the moment, wow, nevermind good excuse for a cold white wine!
      Love to the family,September is not far off now so us coming back home is getting closer.
      John and Jane..xx

    1. Lovely to hear from Johan , Britt. Its cold but so beautiful probably a lot like Sweden in the winter. Galapagos seems a long time ago now, what a wonderful place!
      Have a great summer.
      John and Jane..xx

  4. Love your blog so much. Have a little jump of joy when I see yr emails come through!
    Stunning pics and Puerto Natales was as far south as I went, lovely village and the ferry harbour back to puerto Montt that lazy people like me take!!
    Happy days.

  5. Such fantastic photos! Nice to see a Condor close up, when I was in Peru our Spanish tour guide pointed one out but it was flying high above us so I couldn’t actually see it well. Also loving the ginger skunk! Yes for gingers! Love to you both from PML/PMES

  6. Amazing pictures!
    What wonderful views to wake up to! 🙂 Your both looking so well & happy.
    Enjoy the rest of your adventure – Love Lynnette xx

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