Lima and the desert – Day 293 (21200 miles)

Our journey south along the Pacific Highway continued until around midnight, it took a while to get through the town of Huarmey which had been completed flooded.   Temporary river crossings to replace the 3 bridges that had been washed away allowed us to get through eventually.

Our fuel station camp stop guard dog, quite a mean look until you spot the silver earring!

We made it to Lima, traveling with Serge and Tanya had been great and we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner, followed by mucho wine and a late night to celebrate.

We stayed in the grounds of a hostel in Mira Flores a calm, touristy and pretty affluent area of the city, it felt a little strange and very remote from what we had seen over the last week but to be honest it was a relief.

Nice spot if you like playing beach sardines.

The neighbouring distinct of Barranco was a good walk away and full of nice historic buildings, street art and music.

So we can safely say John is bored with the sightseeing, after helping Serge fix his fridge he turned his attention to this motor home owned by a French family.

Luckily Steffen arrived, someone for John to talk motorbikes and cameras with!  We enjoyed his company and swapped info relating to our respective journeys.

We couldn’t leave Lima without a quick visit to the Historico Centro (well actually John could have happily missed it!).

A nice cafe tucked away from the main tourist drag.

It’s ok, I’m actually not that hungry.?

Gringo, Dude & the Riot Police new album out soon.?

Heading south again we broke our journey at Huacachina an area of sand dunes in the desert that runs alongside the Pacific Highway.  We could only spend 1 night so not much time to explore, we did get up at 5.30am to see the sun rise.  To be honest not that spectacular but John got a nice reflection in the lagoon pic.

Before leaving the area we stopped at the Anthropology Museum in Ica which had a strangely interesting collection of shrunken heads and mummified bodies.

It was the 71st anniversary of the museum so we got in for free and John got to become a poster boy for the celebrations.  You can tell his is loving it!


Here we are at 7 45 am about to fly over the Nasca lines.  Very pleased we got on the first flight of the day, many who had gone before had warned of the stomach churning turbulence that was common later in the day.

The Owl Head Man or Astronaut 32 metres tall.

Humming Bird 96 metres long with a wing span of 66 metres.

Spider 46 metres long.

Can’t remember what this is called, I won’t make it up!

Flaming or Pelican 280 metres long.

The take off, landing and flight were great fun and it was very special to see the lines and terrain.

Bye for now.x

2 thoughts on “Lima and the desert – Day 293 (21200 miles)”

  1. Hi John and Jane,
    It good to see you both looking so well and both so svelte. John I see you did your hair for the poster boy shot-nice!
    The NASCAR Lines are fascinating- once again some great shots John, thanks for sharing them with us.
    The architecture in Lima is beautiful, one of those photos reminds me of a Gaudi building in Barcelona. Like you I wouldn’t be keen on the cuisine!
    Safe travels xxxxx

  2. NASCAR amazing. I would have expected John to have sneaked ahead and scored out….John loves Jane! To be seen from 10,000m 🙂

    The Earring dog has a key round his neck, very cool, he can let himself in at night!


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