Say hello ?? and wave goodbye ?? – Day 225 (16928 miles)

Not sure why it has taken so long to post a pic of a Renault 4, they are everywhere in Colombia and some are in brilliant condition.  For me this model comes in at 2nd place to the Citroen 2CV in the Most Stylish Car Ever category, just saying.

So, we are only a few hundred kilometres from the Colombia/Ecuador border, there were still a couple of places we fancied visiting before crossing the border but our thoughts were definitely turning to the border crossing, timings, money changing and the other practical stuff.

This is the St Agustin pre-Hispanic archaeological park, a nice walk from our camping spot which gave us the chance to get some walking kilometres in the bank ready for a couple of days sitting on our bums in the van.

There was a good hill up to a view point that we climbed after viewing the tombs and statues.  It is definitely raining season now, we were soaked to the skin when we arrived at the top which was so shrouded in cloud we didn’t even bother with a photo.

Nice views on the road.

A very chilled hitchhiker, hope he had sunscreen on, it was blinking hot out there.

It is now the 18th January and there are plenty of Christmas decs still around, the Colombians are definitely not worried about the 12th night bad luck thing.  Possible this old tyre tree is just too heavy for anyone to bother taking it down.

**WARNING**This section contains images of a church, you may wish to skip it.  Yes that’s for you WW?.

Las Lajas Sanctuary is just outside the town of Ipiales our last night stop before crossing the border.  Some people liken the architecture to Disneyland and we could see why.  But the setting across a narrow canyon is very pretty especially against the blue skies which we are seeing less of now the seasons are changing.

Does this vessel to dispense holy water look like a cheap electric kettle to you too?

We managed to change our money at a decent rate without being scammed by the moneychangers with the rigged calculators.  Get the free 90 day visas that some fail to secure (even though we don’t have time to stay that long) and be in Ecuador by 8.30am.

See you down the road.x

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  1. wow !! looks amazing, have to say though best 2 photo’s of this post has to be the Renault with those alloys and john with his stone version twin, brilliant, have fun xx

    Best Regards

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