Heading south for the festive period – Day 200 (15550 miles)

A couple of people we had met in Cartagena asked us where we were going when we left there. “Mompos” we said, “why?” They answered, “go to the Santa Marta.”  The Caribbean coast is undoubtably beautiful and to visit Punta Gallinas which is the most northerly point in South America was tempting.  For a couple of days we mulled it over but to get to the most northerly point and back again would take an additional 2 weeks and we know we are going to get to Patagonia later than we originally planned without adding in more miles.

So, we stuck to our original plan to head south through the lush wetlands to Mompos.  It’s a small town on the Magdalena river and was built by the Spanish in the 16th century.  Beautiful town and lovely countryside to drive through.

We hadn’t really made a plan for where to spend Christmas it was just going to be wherever we ended up around the 23rd December.

We headed through the Chichamocha canyon it was a rather misty day but beautiful scenery.

We had found a campsite in a quiet spot between the small towns of San Gil and Barichara, it was run by a Brit and his Colombian wife.  We had a great Christmas Eve get together with Justin, Andrea and their family along with other campers.  Such a good night that John came to bed around 4am!

Empanadas cooked on the fire.

Danny guts a chicken much to the interest of the resident ginger puss.

A Christmas blind wine tasting!

Pics of the beautiful town of Barichara.

A nice camping spot, and a good place for John to sleep off his late night.

This little photo doesn’t do justice to the amazing Plaza Mayor in Villa de Leyva.  It’s huge!

This Gaudiesque place is the Casa Barra, built by a local artist from terracotta and wrought iron.  Looked great against the blue sky.

The areas around Cartegena and down towards Bogota  contain a huge amount of fossils as this area was covered by sea until approximately 100 million years ago.  65 million years ago an asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico which caused geological changes effecting Central and South America as well.

This Pliosaurus was over 9 metres long and they built this museum around the site it was originally found.  Very impressive.

Even the walls in town were full of ammonites.

We found a great Korean restaurant, lots of lovely fresh veg, raw, cooked and pickled.

Bye for now.x

16 thoughts on “Heading south for the festive period – Day 200 (15550 miles)”

  1. Hi John and Jane,
    And a good new year to you!
    What a time you must be having – looking at the piccies, I half wish I was there with you.
    We’ll catch up better once you return – maybe even get you out on the Sprite if you can climb down to the west Highlands & Islands after Patagonia.
    Keep on futonin’

    1. Great to hear from you Duncan, trust you and Senga had a good NY mate.
      So the Sprite is a float then, wow, look forward to seeing you soon.
      L to all.
      Best wishes for 2017….xx

      1. AHA! Finally got this blog thing to work!
        Yes, I took her down to Coll for a week last Summer. A great sea boat. Would be delighted to see you soon – make it the summer and you’ll get out in her – after all, you’ve earned it!
        Whilst you’re over there, are you calling in at Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela? It’s the lightening capital of the world and well worth a visit, apparently.
        Incidentally, that knocker on the door – didn’t go in to see what it was about did you?
        Have a great time.

  2. Looks wonderful and great images, reading and seeing your adventures is giving me serious travellerlust! Lot’s of Love and wishing you both a magical 2017 xXx

    1. Good to hear from you Taria, hope you have a great year.
      Thanks for the thoughts….AOL….xx

    1. We reckon that the knocker maker in Mompos had a thing about knobs as most of the knockers we see were this shape.
      All the best for 2017 mate. L to Kate….xx

  3. Happy New Year John and Jane.
    Your first post of 2017, and you don’t disappoint with the photos. Yellow buildings and terracotta roofs against clear blue skies, stunning landscapes and phallic door knockers- brilliant!!!
    A 4am finish on Christmas Eve, I can see why you think they are lightweights! We indulged in a 1am finish in your absence this year, poor I know!
    Columbia looks fascinating, especially the fossil finds and the Gaudi-like house, I so wish I was there!

  4. Great pictures! And as always a great blog. Lots of pictures of John…I know Jane that you are the photographer, however Grace is asking where is Jane??!
    Love the Fullers.

  5. This looks more amazing than Mexico. Great pics. John, I did notice that the one of the long downhill cobblestone street was off center about an inch or two. Please work on that. Take care!!

  6. Happy New Year to you both. What amazing photos! Loved the blind wine tasting – great use of a Santa hat xx

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