We’re off! – Day 178 (12560 miles)

So, the weekend of the 26/27th November was fast approaching and it was becoming obvious that yet again our Customs Broker had failed to obtained Customs clearance for our personal items so they and Juanita were going nowhere.  The frustration and feeling of helplessness was getting to us both.

Our Plan B was to tell our Shipping Agent we wanted to switch to another Customs Broker.  It could be risky and would be a gamble as to whether it may slow things down even more but we decided to take that risk.

In the meantime we headed 200km north from Veracruz to a quiet little town called Coscomatepec, the daytime temperature was a cool 20c which made a nice change.  It was quiet, the air was clean and the views of Pico Orizaba from our bedroom window were pretty special.  At 5636 metres it is Mexico’s highest mountain.


On Sunday we explored the town, our visit fell part way through an 11 day festival!  Very colourful and this group of dancers were great fun.



Piñatas make for a colourful addition to this greengrocers.

Isn’t there a saying about a butcher’s dog?

Back in Veracruz the following Tuesday we had officially engaged an alternative Customs Broker who were pretty confident that if the process went as they expected Juanita would sail the following weekend.  This was what we wanted to hear but having spent the last 3 weeks being told the same by the original broker we couldn’t allow ourselves to believe it could actually happen.

More than once during this episode we had found ourselves on a long jetty at the entrance to the harbour staring longingly at container ships hoping that “one day our container will sail”.  Sad I know.

We took one last trip (we hoped) back to the shipper’s yard.  We had a bag of mixed screws, nuts, bolts and washers that we had previously been told could not stay in the van.  Now we were told they could?, as the bag weighed a kilo or so putting them back was easier than hand carrying.  The Broker was confident that Customs were now happy with the paperwork so it was time to fix the final seal on the container.?

At llam on Friday 2/12 we got the call to give us the green light, everything was approved and ready for loading when the ship arrived on Saturday.  Big sighs of relief as you can imagine.

So, the process that Customs Broker A could not complete in 3 weeks was completed by Customs Broker B in 3 days!  I would say luck had not been on our side.  We chose our Agent/Broker based on recommendations of previous users and cost.  The unfortunate thing was our shipment coincided with all the members of their staff who dealt with the Customs Department being sacked!  So the staff that picked it up really didn’t know how to get stuff done.  The final result was we spent a whole lot more time and cash than we’d hoped to.  Currently we are trying to get some compensation back for the costs we incurred during the 2 week delay but we’re not particularly hopeful.

For our last weekend in Mexico we headed to Papantla and the El Tajin ruins.  In Papantla we watched the Valadores ritual where 5 performers climb a 30 metre pole and dangle from a pole from a rope secured around their waists.  It dates back to the Prehispanic period and was originally performed to please the Gods.  Now, really just a performance for tourists, mind you the performers really seemed to enjoy it.

The one standing in the middle in playing a flute and a tambourine while the platform rotates. ?

Papantla like most towns we have visited have free live music and entertainment in the square at the weekend, such a great atmosphere.

El Tajin our last Mexican ruin, different from other pyramids we had seen because of the recessed niches which represented pathways to the underworld.


We were checking the cargo ship tracker regularly to make sure our ship didn’t sink on the way to Veracruz!

So with Juanita finally gone we flew out of Veracruz, it was definitely time to move on.  We have loved Mexico and would certainly recommend it as an easy country to travel in with loads to see and do.

Next stop Colombia!

6 thoughts on “We’re off! – Day 178 (12560 miles)”

  1. Yay. Thought you might post a picture with one of those baskets on your head…You could have put your nuts and bolts in it. ha ha

  2. If I were a customs agent I’d be suspect if a client tried to tell me he had a bag of random nuts that weighed about 1kg.
    Hey did john actually move in between taking the 2 photos of the mountain or did he sit there, staring into space mumbling about customs procedures?
    Nice to see you’re on your way again. Well done for all your efforts. Wasn’t one of the attractions of The Americas the ease of logistics?! Xx

  3. Your posts from Mexico have been a revelation, what a fascinating country. However I’m so pleased your persistence and resolve to get to Colombia has paid off.
    The photos of the revolving flute player, made me feel weak at the knees… it makes Go Ape in Bracknell look like a walk on the park!
    Enjoy your Colombian Christmas, with a week to go, Christmas Eve won’t be the same without you both, especially John! xxx

  4. If only I’d known earlier would have connected you with a Yogi friend of mine in Mexico. Fantastic photo’s and looking forward to reading more of your wonder filled adventures, travel safe and tread softly. All Our Love and Hugs, Taria and Teddy xXx

  5. Loving your adventures.
    Juanita will be enjoying her sleep in the container.
    Hope you both have a great Christmas and a guid New Year!! Wonder what Colombian turkey tastes like?
    Fi and Gary

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