It’s the rainy season in Mexico and spectacular thunder and lightening storms have been our entertainment on many nights. However until now the rain and wind haven’t been much of a problem.  Yesterday we were sitting in this lovely site enjoying the shade.


Last night at around 7.30pm we were sitting under the awning eating cheese and salsa wraps and drinking tea, wild I know! We are on a great campsite, lovely grassy pitches, big trees for shade and overlooking a lake, a perfect spot to watch an approaching storm. It started as the usual rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightening and some spots of rain. But tonight was different, within a couple of minutes the rain was heavy monsoon rain lashing down and accompanied by strong winds. I opened the side door and jumped inside the van as the strong wind meant the area under the awning had become flooded in a matter of seconds. John was still folding up the chairs and getting soaked! Before I had a chance to shout at him to hurry up and get in there was a crash outside, John shouted at me to get out quick. It was obvious that something had hit the van but it wasn’t until we got out we could see that a large tree we had been admiring earlier from where we were sitting in the pic above was completely down and the front half of Juanita was completely covered. The tree was about 15metres tall.

We ran to a covered area to shelter from the storm. When it eased off we headed to a building on the site that was lit and a staff member contacted the owner of the site. John and I returned to the van to rescue some  stuff and take photos. The awning was damaged and there is a dent in the bonnet but there was too much debris to assess if there was any other damage. The site owner Carlos came and offered to get the tree moved immediately but we all agreed it was too dangerous and it would be safer in daylight. We moved to a bungalow on site, feeling bloody lucky but sad to leave Juanita.  We heard another crash, not sure whether another tree had lost a branch or fallen. The trees either side of us that were visible in the 1st photo must have been damaged by the large tree falling.




The root ball of the fallen tree, of huge interest to the onsite dogs!

We settled into the bungalow and realised that although there was kitchen equipment there was nothing to light the gas stove and no kettle. John insisted on going back to the van to get our kettle and matches, while I stood outside waiting for another tree to fall and flatten him! He claims tea is that important in such a crisis!

We were feeling extremely lucky to both be here and in one piece but very sad and worried about Juanita, it was a long night waiting for sunrise and we hardly slept. ???

This is how things looked in the morning.






We’ve been incredibly lucky, most importantly we are fine and although she looks a bit sad Juanita herself is fine apart from a couple of dents in the bonnet which John has pushed out the best he can.  The solar panel took a battering and there is water in the controller, today has been really cloudy so we are not sure whether that has been damaged.  The awning took the most force but luckily the canvas is ok and John has managed to straighten out the poles enough to make it work.


The staff here cannot do enough for us, I think they would legally adopt us is we wanted, a couple of flattened tourists is never going to be good for business!

Anyway, we will sleep very well tonight and plan to head off again tomorrow.  Hopefully all future blog posts will just be us visiting nice places, meeting nice people and smiling!

Bye for nowxxxx

20 thoughts on “⛈⛈⚡️⚡️??BLOGFLASH??⚡️⚡️??”

  1. Glad you are all OK, adding a little bit of “character” to Juanita.
    Safe travels
    Love to you both
    Vic xx

  2. Shocked and horrified, reading this, I thought Juanita was a gonna. But relieved you are both okay and amazed Juanita survived her battering.
    I agree with John a cup of tea in a crisis is a must!

  3. That first photo looks more like Surrey than Mexico!
    A lucky escape for you both. I’m glad to hear the van is ok but am a little concerned about your growing affection for an inanimate object that is merely a transport device made up of a collection of metal & plastic…..
    Engineer John should understand this and you are a grown woman!
    Keep up the good work x

    1. Yes, yes of course, I had said the same thing to John as she lay covered in branches. But she is serving us well and deserves a bit of love! You’re right about the scenery, a lot of it is very European, being the height of the rainy season it is very green and lush.xx

  4. Very scary I’m sure! Happy you’re both still intact and Juanita lives to continue the journey, albeit with a few battle scars. xx

  5. We thought having the sweet peas bent in the wind was a hic-cup but that tops it. I’m glad we don’t get hic-cups like yours think of the size of fright to make them go away. Glad to hear your both safe.It looks like a little make up will save Juanita which I am sure John can administer. ( Marek ) Take care. Xx

  6. Tea and not tequila! I admire your restraint.
    Reminds me of the man who drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends!! 🙂
    Safe onward trip x

    1. Yeah I suppose we may have slept better if we’d gone for something stronger! Anyhow back on the road now and all Ok. As you said in your last message Gary would love the challenge on Copper Canyon plenty of climbing and canyon running as well. It’s a great country we are loving it. We are now very close to the town of Tequila so a blog including said beverage is not far away.xxx

  7. Glad all three of you are OK. Juanita is starting to look like she belongs south of the border with the dent. You will blend in better now. ?

    1. We do look like a lot of the little buses that run between the towns. Often get people trying to wave us down. We just smile, wave and drive on! Meeting lots of nice people and having a great time. Hope you are all well.xxx

  8. Bloody hell!! Please stay safe, Juanita, you little superstar! I would have been out there rescuing the teabags too John. Fingers crossed for safer days, lots of love Jo and Rob xxx

    1. Thanks Jo, all OK now. John has moved on to another drink beginning with Te….. ! Hope you are all well and you have nice children for this school year.xxx

  9. Glad you are both safe. I guess there is bound to be some drama on this trip, 1st incident out of the way with! R xx

    1. Thanks Ruby, it was a week ago but seems ages ago, we’ve travelled and seen a lot since. On a campsite with good wifi and a washing machine so clean clothes and a chance to get the blog up to date, absolute luxury! Hope all is well with you.xx

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