Remember us?

Well hello there, it’s been longer than we planned but at last we are starting our blog. The reasons for the delay are too tedious to waste much time on but suffice to say we have fallen foul of Apple v Google rivalry, our original plan to publish our blog in Google Blogger/Photos as we had previously used is not possible on an I-pad.

As much as IT is not my thing I’ve wasted too much of my life trying to get around it rather than believing the other frustrated users on the net (silly, stubborn me!).

So now we have our own website (ooh get us!). As you can see the design needs some work (!), give it a few months and we may have smartened it up somewhat, in the meantime hopefully the content will at least give you an idea what we are up to.

We left home 1 month and 2 days ago so the next post will be a brief wiz through our travels so far.

Ooh forgot to say, due to our absolute nil knowledge of website building please let us know if there are any glaring errors or you cannot view or comment etc.

2 thoughts on “Remember us?”

  1. Well hello there, was wondering what had happened to you both??
    Sounds as though you have done so much already and you have hardly started!
    Got a heatwave here and had my first swim in sea since I moved, took Bertie and Earnie in with me as looking after for a week.
    Glad the wildlife and humans are coming out to say hello.
    Look forward to the future blogs of two amazing friends and their travels.xx

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