What’s in a name?

So, we’re on the road again, it’s been 5 years since our last wanderings and we always knew that at some point we wanted to see more of the Americas. This time we’re travelling in luxury with our own bed and cooking facilities on wheels, the vehicle is a Mitsubishi Delica 4 wheel drive van and the bed is based on a futon. Hence the slightly obscure blog name.

Yes of course we could have thought of something witty based on our route or our reasons for travelling but many before us have done a good job based on these themes. So, when our friend Will came up with 4 x 4 Futon that was perfect (yes that’s right we didn’t even think of this one ourselves!).

We would also like to credit our neighbours Lisa and Ed who between them came up with the grand name of Juanita the Delicious Delica for our little van.